Panaceas - Real and Phony - for the City of the Angels, CityWatchLA, August 30, 2018

By Dick Platkin

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-According to the State of California’s latest climate studies, LA’s recent heat waves are not the new normal.

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Share Rather, they are just a small step toward much more dangerous levels of climate change that include sea level rise, crop failures, tree die offs, intense storms, and heat waves, all leading to increased human mortality.

The Old Distraction Trick: How NOT Deal with LA’s Housing Crisis

The Old Distraction Trick: How NOT Deal with LA’s Housing CrisisDICK PLATKIN, CityWatch LA,31 MAY 2018 PLATKIN ON PLANNING-The City Council’s latest stopgap measure to deal with the most extreme aspect of the housing crisis, rampant homelessness and the emergence of homeless encampments throughout Los Angeles, has set neighbors against each other. TwitterGoogle+SharThis new approach requires each Councilmember to identify a parcel in his or her district suitable for emergency temporary housing.  More specifically, the Mayor has authorized $20 million to be divided among LA’s 15 Council Districts to fund temporary emergency homeless shelters on city-owned parcels. The Mayor estimates that these actions will create 1500 beds and could house up to 6000 people.  Related City Council actions will also allow the quic

LA: Will City Hall Finally Get Serious about Accelerating Climate Change?

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-Finally, some potentially good news. The Los Angeles City Council has taken a long over due baby step to create a new City department, whose mission will be adaptation to and mitigation of climate change.  Considering that our new normal is a mega-drought coupled with ironic warnings or catastrophic California floods, a 12-month wild fire season, worst case climate forecasts coming true, record breaking CO2 levels  – already higher than at any point in humanity’s entire history, and repeated heat waves, this should hardly be news. Yet, unlike other major cities, such as Seattle, San Diego, and Chicago, Los Angeles is amazing lackadaisical about climate change. In fact, LA’s City Hall has even moved in the opposite direction, helping to exempt real estate speculators from CEQA reviews, while City Planning endlessly dawdles in preparing a Climate Change element for its creaky General Plan.  At best, the city’s General Plan may eventually consider climate change issue…

LA’s Politicians and Academics: Shills for Real Estate Speculators